Under the Artistic Direction of Aprill Campbell, our classes are proven successful. We provide your children a strong foundation in the performing arts. Through age appropriate combination classes, we introduce children to multiple forms of dance while teaching them the basics needed to advance to our upper school program.

Combo Program                                                                                                              

 Ages 3.5+ 

BalletBunnies (45min, ages 3.5+) The foundation of Ballet is so important as well as strength, flexibility, and muscle coordination. Created in the Fall of 2019, BalletBunnies incorporates the classical form of Ballet with the strength of Acrobatics. This is a great beginners class!

Tap/Ballet or AcroDance (45-60 min, ages 4+)Your child’s self-confidence and creativity will blossom with our exceptional curriculum and the use of props and instructional music. Students begin with tap to better understand rhythm and musical timing, followed by ballet which encourages body awareness, poise, and grace.  Dancers are taught proper terminology and class etiquette. Jazz and Acrobatics aid with strength, flexibility, and muscle coordination.

Hippity Hop (45 min, ages 5+)This fun-filled class introduces the energetic movement and rhythmic footwork of hip hop in an age appropriate manner with family friendly music. Students also learn basic jazz technique and acrobatic skills to help with strength and coordination.

Upper School Program 

This program is designed for students ages 8 and up with proper ability. Each discipline is taught separately to fully master the individual performing art. Classes are offered as a continuation of the Young Children’s Program and to older beginners. We foster a love for the performing arts and aid those who have more serious aspirations.

Level 1 ~ ages 8-10 Level 2 ~ ages 10-12 Level 3 ~ ages 11 + Level 4 ~ ages 13 +

Placement is determined by age and ability

Ballet (45-90 min) Emphasis is on balance, poise, posture, and carriage. Ballet includes barre combinations, center work, port de bras, turns, leaps, and classic choreography. It is the foundation of all dance forms. In order to become truly proficient in many styles of dance a student needs ballet training.

Jazz (60 min) Emphasis is on increasing flexibility, coordination and strength. Jazz includes center warm-up and technique, progressions (moving, turning and jumping across the floor) and varied styles of choreography.

Contemporary (45-60 min) Contemporary dance is a perfect mixture of lyrical, ballet, and jazz with strong, fluid movements and choreography that evokes emotion in the dancer as well as the audience.

Acrobatics (45-60 min) Acrobatic students increase their flexibility, strength and muscle awareness through agile, athletic movements. Class includes warm-up, stretching, and dancing.  Acro skills are taught in a safe, sequential order such as handstand to cartwheel to roundoff to handspring.

Tap (30-45 min) Emphasis is on building rhythm, timing, and an ear for musical patterns. Tap class includes warm-up, technique, and progressions across the floor. Choreography is derived from traditional and rhythmic styles.

Hip Hop (45-60 min) Hip Hop is characterized by intricate movements in a vigorous, athletic style. It has evolved from pop music and street dancing. This class includes warm-up, isolations, tricks, and choreography. It’s a great form of exercise and instructors teach cutting edge styles.

Dance Company (45-60 min) Auditions are held (every two years) for those interested in advancing their level of commitment.  Members are given the opportunity to perform in the community and attend award winning competitions in the spring and summer. Our goal is to offer students a supportive atmosphere while enjoying the self-esteem building benefits of performing.

Private Lessons (30, 45, or 60 min) Students may be interested in private lessons to work on specific skills, catch up on missed classes, audition preparation, or choreography development. Practice time with our teachers is an indispensable tool for advancement. Our teachers have experience in Bak & Dreyfoos audition preparation. Please schedule at the front desk or over the phone.

Private lessons are scheduled individually according to availability.

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