“My oldest daughter has been attending Academy DMT since 2008. We absolutely love the staff and all of the skills she has acquired since she was 3. Her 3 year-old sister just started today! Highly recommend <3″ Kristina Duckman

“My daughter has not only grown as a dancer but loved her teacher Ms. Aprill. The best!” Nancy Heilner

“I cannot thank you enough for the confidence you instilled in my little girl. I believe whole heartedly that she would not have the level of confidence she has without your influence and positivity. She believes she can fly and you helped give her that!” Juliet Richard

“I would just like to say thank you for this awesome opportunity to become a part of the ADMT family. Taylin has blossomed and transformed from this shy toddler to this outspoken and confident little lady and ballerina. I can’t think of a better way to spend my Saturday mornings. She absolutely ADORES Ms. Jess and Kayla! I absolutely adore them. Mr Jorge is amazing! You are amazing! ADMT is amazing! I look forward to next years recital and many, many more recitals for years to come.” Ticondria Whitaker 

“Thank you so much for all your effort this year! The show was AMAZING…every year it gets better and better…my family every year enjoys that moment!” Beatriz Gibert 

“I wanted to personally thank you Ms. Aprill for everything that you’ve done for Katelyn. It’s been 8 years of a wonderful friendship. She has enjoyed every minute. You’ve taught her discipline and confidence, and I could NEVER repay you enough.” Shelly Miller