The Academy of Dance, Music, & Theatre is home to five dance companies: Petite Co, Junior Co, Senior Co, Acro Co, & Elite Co. These companies are comprised of students who take multiple dance classes throughout the year. They attend two competitions in the spring season. Select members also do trios, duets, and solos. Each company has won several high awards including judges choice! Auditions for dance company are held every two years.

2017 Dance Company

Sofia Allen   Alexis Alonso   Elle Barajas   Kayla Barnette   Bella Barrera

Ivana Barrera   Kathleen Biggs   Zoe Blum   Olivia Cushman   Emily Duckman

Adrianna Espinoza   Victoria Espinoza   Allie Florio   Carly Gans   Abbey Harrison

Lily Hollander   Madeline Kahn   Rachel Kessel   Sabrina Landis   Ella-Ross Lang

Lulu Lang   Reese Lores   Paige Mangan   Manuela Marin   Loran McGruder  

Talia Meidan   Daniele Mischke   Avery Muse   Mya Parker   Molly Quinn  

Raegan Shapiro   Grace Smith   Layna Steele   Maddie Sterner   Gabriela Uribe